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explorin' like dora...

these swipers can't swipe ME!

20 November
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50emails, aim, alternative, andypants, art galleries downtown, awkward silence, band-aids, being a loser, being random, being stuck in traffic, billboards, black and white photos, blankies, blink 182, bojanglesfrieswithextraseasoning, books, bright eyes, bubbles, cats, cheesecake, chihuahua, clouds after storms, color coordination, coloring, cuddling, curling my hair, cute words, dancing/playing in the rain, daria, david sedaris, digital cams, donnie darko, dreams, edward norton, egotistical-ness, elijah wood, eljay pictures, expressions, eyeliner, eyes, fire, forbidden emotions, friends, fuse, glitter, glowsticks, guilty pleasures, guys, hangingoutwithjamie, happy bunny, harry soloman, hello kitty, homestaw wunnew, hugs, iamanegomaniac, ice cream, illegal visiting, imitating people's accents, imitatinghowpeoplewalk, inside jokes, jack’s, jeremy camp, jesus, kidnapping, kthxsdie, lace, late night walks, late nights, looking for treasure, loser pride, losers, lotr, lucid dreaming, ludacris, mainstream, make-up, makelikeasimandbabble, making out, matchbook romance, medication, miltonxcorp, moon boots, napolean dynamite, new composition notebooks, new degrassi, new shoes, night, obsessions, ocd, office spacious, old school nickelodeon, organization, painting, photography, poetry, procrastination, psychology, rage against the machine, rainbow brite, reading, receiving letters, replying to comments franticlly, ridingtargetshoppingcarts., sarcasm, school, screen names, self indulgance, senses, shopping, signs, sleeping to dream, slow dancing, smiles, social-ness, soft pillows, sparkles, spirit, spit, sporks, stephen chbolsky, storms, strong bad, sunbathing!, super nintendo, supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, swimming, talking to myself, tattoos, that'sallihavetosayaboutthat, the desperation band, the flea market, the lorax, the n, the smell of money(becausei'mthreeatheart!), the university area library, the virgin suicides, the white people gang, the white stripes., therapy kids, thrift stores, tic-tacs, typnoesxcore, uglypeoplesuck, unamerican, watching gamers game, weezer, xxx, zippers, “negative”.